Friday, 27 November 2009

The Initial Newtown Edition (thanks Gramp!)

Firstly, thanks to everyone who commented on the previous post... it's lovely to know you're all following it and (hopefully) enjoying reading about our adventure.

We have now been in our house for one week, although it seems like longer. After the nightmare that was Billabong Gardens it was bliss to get here and unpack and have a little bit of space to ourselves.
We are living on a street off the main road which runs through Newtown, so the location is excellent for both shopping and working. It is also a very quiet area, apart from the odd rumble from a plane overhead.

The first week has been taken up with lots of cleaning! There has been a complete turnaround of housemates, so we've been able to chuck out a lot of rubbish that had been lying around and, because Dan and I got here first, we've been able to set the standard and lay down some ground rules!
The living space, kitchen and bathroom are all shared, but the other guys seem to be out quite a lot so we've been lucky and had the house to ourselves most evenings. Being able to cook in an empty kitchen and chill out in front of the television has been luxury.
My favourite room in the house, unsurprisingly, is our bedroom. I love its wooden floorboards and big wooden bed, to me it feels quite Moroccan. We treated ourselves to the red leaf lamp as a moving-in present, which I think really suits the room. Not sure how we're going to get it back to the UK though....!
As time goes on we're gradually getting to grips with finding our way around Newtown. We've found Franklins, a much cheaper supermarket than the ones in the city, and a bargain chemist. Having said that, I still think everything is much more expensive over here. I was excited to find my shampoo on offer for $6 the other day, which is still about £3.50. The joys of being a girl...!
We have also found Newtown library, which will be very handy. I've really got back into reading since we've come over here and up until now I've been buying books from the second hand shop, so this will save me a lot of money.
After all the food pics in the last post, you'll be pleased to know I've since joined the gym (I have to burn off all those iced coffees somehow!). I was really lucky and saw an advert on Gumtree from a girl who was leaving Newtown and wanted to transfer her membership. As a result I didn't have to pay a joining or administration fee, saving me an absolute fortune. I've been three times so far, and am really enjoying it. I'm yet to try out any of the classes but I may go to body combat next week, as Jen is always raving about how good it is!!

Although our outside space is quite small at the house (just a small patio and bbq), we are lucky to have Victoria Park just down the road. We have been going there and sitting under the trees to read our books, or just stopping off there on the long walk to the city. Right in the middle of the park is an outdoor swimming pool, which we are going to try out soon. You can't beat diving into a nice cold pool on a hot summer's day. (p.s. the pic below is of the duck pond in the park, that's not the swimming pool!!)
At the moment we are enjoying our last few days of freedom before we start work properly. We may go shopping for Christmas decorations later.... I still can't get my head around the fact it's next month..... or just head off down to the park again to catch some rays... it's a hard life!


Jean and Geoff said...

Thanks for another interesting blog. You have been very lucky with your accommodation, especially being the first into the patch. I can just see you, Dan, with a suitable gold crown - English style, of course. ((((Hush - Jo, you can get him one for Christmas!))))
Jo, do you have to pay for your sessions at the health club? You must keep fit, but be careful with your feet!
Nice photos again!
Keep having fun!
Gran & Gramp

leisaco said...

It's great to see how you're both getting on. Feel free to keep mentioning the weather and the heat and the sun - it's blooming cold and very very wet back here. Muddiford is flooded quite badly today. So keep us all jealous! LOL.

Tryna and John Feesey said...

Pleased to hear you have both settled into your new home, from the photos it looks very cosy and it must be great to be able to spend time on your own whilst the others are out. The surrounding area also looks very pleasant and it's nice to be near the city.

No doubt you will be using your local swimming pool to cool off in the Australian summer, or just relaxing in Victoria Park soaking up the sun whilst reading,very different from the weather England is experiencing at present.

The autumn in Spain has been glorious but not warm enough to use the pool, no doubt our weather will change soon and we will have to put on our winter clothes.

Take care and look forward to your next news update and photos.

Love Tryna, John, Stephanie and Danielle xxxx

Doug and Jen's said...

Wow it all looks lovely. I'm very jealous! Your house and area you are living sound perfect. It made me lauigh that you have a Victoria Park nearby!! Cool about the gym. Combat is good fun, body attack is even better if you have that over there?! How are the jobs going? Has Dan started yet? Do you have skype? Be good to have a catch up sometime!Have fun and take care. Miss you both x x x x x x x x x x