Monday, 16 November 2009

Slowly but surely...!

One month on and we nearly have our own pad, four days left! The latest plan was to stay at the Wake Up! until Friday, but we changed it to stay in a hostel in Newtown as it's closer to our new home, wrong choice! The place we're in now is known as Billabong Gardens. Don't be fooled by the exotic name as it is a bit of a dive to say the least...! Not only do you have to hire out cutlery, but you have to wipe your feet on the way out!
The past week has been really enjoyable. We stumbled across lots of cute markets scattered around the outskirts of Sydney, including Paddington, Bondi, Glebe and The Rocks (they all make Barnstaple Pannier Market look like a jumble sale!) There were so many stalls to look at and we managed to see lots of bits and bobs that we want to take home with us, just not sure how?!?

We are slowly exploring more of Newtown as the days go on. As Jo said it has everything we need. One particular shop that has stood out from the rest is a really old book store at the end of the road. It opens 9 - midnight 7 days a week which is crazy but they have every book you can imagine and there always seems to be someone in there!
If you didn't know, Jo started her new job the other night at Basil's pizza and pasta resaurant. It sounded like she was thrown in at the deep end, but she managed okay and is back in on Saturday full-time! I also have a  job at a frozen yogurt bar which is being built! Sounds crazy but should be up and running by the end of the week, fingers crossed. Even though we have jobs lined up we have been making our money last. We both love a good bargain. So when we spotted Milo (a NestlĂ© breakfast cereal ) on offer for $4 we jumped at it. Things seem to taste better when they're cheaper!
There have been numerous new shops opening up in and around Sydney the past week. When they open they all seem to have an offer on to entice you in. We have taken advantage of half price frozen yogurts and buy one get one free ice teas! The next store to open is a Ben and Jerry's shop in Manly at the end of the month. Ben and Jerry will be there themselves dishing out free ice-cream, so no prizes for guessing what we'll be doing?!? Let's hope the ice-cream tastes as good as the ice teas!
Now all we have to do is stick it out in here for a few more days until Friday. There will be lots of photos of the house in the next blog so stay tuned!


Greg said...

Look forward to the update mate.
Good to read how you two are getting. Looks like you're both enjoying yourselves.
Take care.

Nichola Feesey said...

Shame about the hostel but looks as though you are eating well! Bet you are looking forward to Friday & having your own space. Enjoy your last few touristy days before you rejoin the workers!
Lots of love Mum x

Tryna and John Feesey said...

Hi there

Pleased you are both having a great time and have managed to secure jobs and accommodation.

We have been enjoying your blogs and it's great to keep up to date with your adventure. Love the photos, especially the one of the bird cages. The book shop looks amazing, you could spend all day in there; John is green with envy, he said we could do with a shop like that in Spain!

With the storms battering Blighty at present, bet you are glad you are in Oz enjoying the sunshine.

Take care,can't wait for your next update. Good luck with the move on Friday.

Love from Tryna, John, Steph & Danni xx

Jean and Geoff said...

Thanks for your latest news. Needless to say, I have been poking about again with Google Earth. We can see your street, and it looks good. How far is it to your places of work? And are you in the same direction?
Take care of each other. Love from us both,
Gran & Gramp