Wednesday, 28 October 2009

1 week in...

Well, we have officially been here for a week and already we feel like we know our way around! Jo and I now both have an Australian mobile number as well as a new bank account. We have also applied for a tax file number (which stops you being taxed 49%!) and are waiting for it to arrive. There are so many adverts for shared apartments dotted around on lamp posts so we're just going to wait until we get a job sorted and then have a look at what's available. All the apartments they publicise have gyms and saunas which is an addeed bonus!
The YHA is our home at the moment but it's five stars so can't really complain. As we learnt from last year, eating out isn't cheap so we have cooked every night. Tonight's meal was so nice it deserved a photo!

On Sunday we came across the weekly food market in China Town over the road. It reminded us of India, but without the bartering! There was one particular guy there who made us laugh. He was on the fish counter trying to sell us king prawns. The phrase he used was "You try, you like, you buy. You try, you don't like, bye bye!" (imagine this said in an oriental accent!!)
The selection there was so good that we're popping back next Sunday to do our weekly shop.
I thought we had taken every photo possible of Sydney (check out the photos from last year on Facebook!) until yesterday when we stumbled along a bunch of bird cages hanging down a random alley...! What made it even weirder was the fact there wasn't a bird to be seen yet we heard tweeting coming from the cages!!
It's nearly eight in the evening here so we're off to watch a film at the local cinema. Tomorrow will consist of organising a couple of courses to help with jobs. The first is for a RSA licence allowing us to legally work behind a bar. The other is to learn how to master the art of coffee or 'barista skills' as they call it here.

I can see Jo is eager to play on a piano out here, as long as they don't all look like this.....!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Where's my bed?!?

I can't believe Dan and I haven't slept since Sunday!! Bearing in mind it is now Wednesday evening, I think this is possibly the longest I've ever gone without sleep. What is even more surprising is the fact that the photo below (which was taken to prove we are actually in Sydney and not writing this blog from our bedroom) makes us look relatively normal. Radiant, even.

I know you'll all be desperate to see pretty pics of the opera house, the harbour bridge etc...well, sorry to disappoint, but the first two pics are going to be very random.... In our dazed/weary state, this put a smile on our face....
Firstly, they make Oreo Cookie Kit Kat Chunkies..... when you've been eating plane food for two days, this is pretty exciting stuff (hence the slightly manic look in my eye!). Talking of the plane, I must briefly mention the horrific take-off in Kuala Lumpur. Let's just say that seeing lightning bolts right outside the window didn't make for a relaxed journey!
Secondly, I saw, not one, but three Christmas trees today....!! There's something very odd about seeing anything remotely Christmassy when it's 30+ degrees outside....surreal.....

Tomorrow things start to get serious. We're off job hunting..... wish us luck.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Here we go!!!

As promised I am typing this post at Heathrow airport. The last week has gone really quick. My last shift was on Thursday which ended with me covered in 'McDonald's Grease' head to toe (cheers boys)! It hasn't sunk in yet that I have left which is probably a good thing at the mo :'(

Jo had her last day on Wednesday which was quite sad and also long too. We are both now unemployed and off to a foreign country, we must be mad...!
Today is going really quick so far. The departure at Tiverton Parkway was a nightmare. We jumped on at coach G only to realise that we were meant to be in coach C, whoops. We then had to make our way down the train bumping into everyone and squeezing through the buffet cart to get to our seat. As always it was a long process to get from the airport entrance to sitting down. We are now both chillin'and waiting for the gate to open. I hope there are some decent films on the plane to make it more pleasant...!
Anyway, this is the last post from the UK and the next one will be in Sydney some time in the week...

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

1 Week to go!!!

What a week! The last few days have been both fun and sad! The meal at Fulhams went really well and it was nice to see everyone together. Jo had her leaving do at The Chichester Arms last week which also went well.
Sunday was the day for 'The Family Get-Together'. Jo's granny and grampy came over along with her mum and dad. Then my sister arrived with her partner Steve. My mum had really excelled herself and put on a great meal for the 10 of us! Everyone enjoyed themselves, even the alpacas!
Then came Monday. The night I had to say bye to my 2nd family, work. It was originally supposed to be a secret but Chilly let the cat out the bag! Anyway, Lucy organised a great night at The Inn On The Square and nearly everyone attended. Food was great. Music (thanks chilly) was great. Some crazy dancing from Mike and Murphy...! and the speeches went well too. I was given a nice load of money in Aus dollars from work along with a giant card with a message from everyone at work inside. I will really miss the guys from work as I have enjoyed every minute there and made so many friends too. Thanks again.
Next post will be at the airport...!

Monday, 5 October 2009

2 Weeks to go!!!

Time is flying by...! This week is going to be a busy one. There are a few get-togethers planned and a meal on Friday to say bye. Finally sorted a way to the airport (quite important), also started to pack my bits up in my room. All that is left now is to sort out some dollars to take and start knocking up a c.v.
Sunday is the 'family do', which will be happy and sad!! : ) / :(