Wednesday, 14 October 2009

1 Week to go!!!

What a week! The last few days have been both fun and sad! The meal at Fulhams went really well and it was nice to see everyone together. Jo had her leaving do at The Chichester Arms last week which also went well.
Sunday was the day for 'The Family Get-Together'. Jo's granny and grampy came over along with her mum and dad. Then my sister arrived with her partner Steve. My mum had really excelled herself and put on a great meal for the 10 of us! Everyone enjoyed themselves, even the alpacas!
Then came Monday. The night I had to say bye to my 2nd family, work. It was originally supposed to be a secret but Chilly let the cat out the bag! Anyway, Lucy organised a great night at The Inn On The Square and nearly everyone attended. Food was great. Music (thanks chilly) was great. Some crazy dancing from Mike and Murphy...! and the speeches went well too. I was given a nice load of money in Aus dollars from work along with a giant card with a message from everyone at work inside. I will really miss the guys from work as I have enjoyed every minute there and made so many friends too. Thanks again.
Next post will be at the airport...!