Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Bread on the table!

It feels better typing a blog this time knowing that we both have jobs now! We've both been working for nearly two weeks and are making the most of our days off. I have landed a job at a frozen yogurt bar that opened a fortnight ago in Newtown. I am really enjoying it and the owners are nice too, which helps. They left me in charge the other night, while they went to see a show, which I was chuffed with as I have only been there a short while. The following day they said how well I had done and that I have gained their trust, which is good! Jo was doing a little bit of waitressing for a while but the owner wasn't very nice and didn't give her enough hours so she tried for another job. She is now working in an ice-cream parlour. It's just up the road from me which is handy and only a short walk from the house. They sell coffee at the shop too, so Jo has been putting her barista skills to work! She dreads being asked to make any coffees but as they say 'practice makes perfect!'

Last week we popped over to Manly where a Ben and Jerry's shop was having its grand opening. Because we can't say no to a freebie we went over to grab our free ice-cream.  Ben and Jerry's isn't well-known over here yet so the majority of the customers that day were American! The queue was quite long but worth the wait, especially when Mr Cohen and Mr Greenfield (aka Ben and Jerry) served us themselves. I had the 'Chocolate Therapy' and Jo had 'Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough'. If you have never tried their ice-cream before then go out now and buy some, you won't be disappointed...!
As you might be aware by now, I really hate spiders! I knew that coming to Australia wasn't going to be easy as 'house spiders' over here are a bit bigger than the ones back at home. I have only seen a few so far and they aren't a pretty sight. Jo was working the other night and I was at home with Yazeed, one of our housemates, who also hates spiders. Yazeed went into the cupboard under the stairs to put the iron away and spotted an 'incy wincy' (as I like to call them). It ran deeper into the cupboard so Yazeed pulled all the contents out and tried to coax him out. He eventually emerged just in time for Yazeed to get him, hooray! I still will always be on edge but that is one less to worry about!
We're both still trying to get our heads around Christmas being a few weeks away. With the weather being around 35°C most days it's hard to believe. Anyway, we have got our Christmas party tonight organised by our landlady, Joanne. She has a few houses around the area so is gathering us all up and putting on a little get-together. It will be nice to meet some new people and get a few 'Christmassy' photos...


Nichola Feesey said...

Hi both,

How lovely to see the two of you happily at work.

As regards the spider, I remember when not just Dan but Jo as well stood on chairs in the lounge until a rather large specimen was located and captured!!

Enjoy the sunshine - it's in short supply here.

Lots of love,
Mum xx

Tryna and John Feesey said...

Hi there

Great photos of you both at work, you look very happy in your new jobs.

We have just finished watching I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and all the Australian creepy crawlies got to us. Thankfully you are living in a town and not the jungle!

Hope you had a great Christmas party and made some more new friends.

Take care and enjoy the fantastic Oz summer.

Love to you both.

Tryna, John and Girls xxxx

Jean and Geoff said...

Hello to the workers!
Thanks for your latest blog It is good to know that your job situation is OK, and that your landlady is such a nice person.
Dan, as the expert on the subject, can you freeze any yoghurt or does it have to be special? Would it go well on Christmas pudding?
Your special icecream shop sounds good. Do we get it in UK?
How do the work shifts fit together for both of you?
Keep on havind fun, and take care,
Love from us both, Gran & Gramp.

Sophia Harvey said...

Hi to you both,
Good to see you happy in your work, and looking so well.I wondered about meeting spiders dan,remember Grand Canaria?
Enjoy your time in oz and take care

Lots of love
Mum xxxx