Monday, 19 October 2009

Here we go!!!

As promised I am typing this post at Heathrow airport. The last week has gone really quick. My last shift was on Thursday which ended with me covered in 'McDonald's Grease' head to toe (cheers boys)! It hasn't sunk in yet that I have left which is probably a good thing at the mo :'(

Jo had her last day on Wednesday which was quite sad and also long too. We are both now unemployed and off to a foreign country, we must be mad...!
Today is going really quick so far. The departure at Tiverton Parkway was a nightmare. We jumped on at coach G only to realise that we were meant to be in coach C, whoops. We then had to make our way down the train bumping into everyone and squeezing through the buffet cart to get to our seat. As always it was a long process to get from the airport entrance to sitting down. We are now both chillin'and waiting for the gate to open. I hope there are some decent films on the plane to make it more pleasant...!
Anyway, this is the last post from the UK and the next one will be in Sydney some time in the week...