Thursday, 21 January 2010

Mobes, soap and 3D glasses

Since all the excitement of Christmas and New Year we've taken the time to chill out a bit over the past few weeks. We've both settled into daily routines consisting, usually, of work, food, gym (yes, Dan's joined eventually!) and sleep.... all very well for us, but it does mean that the Bloggable material is a bit thin on the ground!!
Having said that, there have been a few highlights.... the first being our trip to the Opera House to see Moby.

I'll be the first to admit that Mobes (as we've affectionately named him) is not really my cup of tea, it was more for Dan really. Having said that, I was literally blown away by the concert. The sound quality inside the OH is amazing and I even got goosebumps during Flower. I loved the fact the show kept alternating between a civilised 'sit down' affair to a full-blown rave! The atmosphere was fantastic.

On our days off together Dan and I usually go to the beach. Although we love Coogee, our local, we've tried to check out a few different ones too. A couple of weeks ago we went to Maroubra, which is south of Coogee. It reminded me of the beaches at home, because it is more rustic and surfy than commercial beaches like Bondi. It was also a lot less crowded, which was a bonus.
Last week we took the two-hour bus ride to Palm Beach, the most northern suburb of Sydney. Although the area is great, the thing I was most excited about is that the beach's alter ego is 'Summer Bay' - i.e. the setting for Home and Away (yes, I'm sad). Dan rolled his eyes as I made him take pics of me outside the lifesaving club and doing the iconic stroll down to the beach. No sign of Kim Hyde though.... :-( !!

After waiting several weeks to get tickets, we finally managed to see Avatar at the Imax in Darling Harbour. And, it was definitely worth the wait. Dan was like a little kid when we got in there, and I was pretty excited too. It took a little while to get used to the 3D glasses (especially with my dodgy eyesight!) but after a while I just forgot about it and appreciated the sensation of being surrounded by a film. It's the future of cinema for sure.... and James Cameron has set the bar very high.

Tomorrow we are going to the Big Day Out - Australia's Glastonbury but, as the name suggests, for one day only. There are some great acts playing, including Muse and Calvin Harris, so it should be good. Bit concerned about the weather forecast though - 42 degrees!! Better make sure we take lots of suncream and water... bit different to Glasto... well, the suncream bit anyway!


Tryna and John Feesey said...

Hi there

You're definitely having a great time down under and living life to the full.

Loved the Christmas and New Year photos from your previous blog - what a fantastic experience celebrating the start of 2010 in Sydney - slightly different from Bideford!

It must feel strange hitting the beaches in January with shorts on and a reversal of the seasons.

Take care and keep enjoying yourselves in Oz. Look forward to the next blog.

Much love
Tryna, John, Stephanie and Danni xx

Nichola Feesey said...

Hi both,

Great blog again - love the glasses!
Are you sure that's Palm Beach? Isn't it that little path half way way along Saunton???

Lots of love
Mum xx

Jean and Geoff said...

Another lovely blog! Thanks! It is great to read of your doings. And it is good to have some clues to drive Google Earth. We liked Coogee Beach, and Maroubra. There seem to be plenty more to investigate. Best of luck - have fun! Love from us both, Gran & Gramp